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Welcome to IMIA (Indian Marine Ingredients Association), a pioneering entity dedicated to promoting sustainability, responsible sourcing, and the conservation of marine resources. Our mission revolves around fostering a better future for both the environment and the global seafood industry. In conjunction with the Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) for Indian Oil Sardine (Sardinella longiceps), IMIA is committed to driving positive change and earning the coveted IMIA certification.

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IMIA (INDIAN MARINE INGREDIENTS ASSOCIATION) and FIP ( Fishery Improvement Program) for Indian Oil Sardine (Sardinella longiceps), working towards sustainability and IMIA certification.


Our Focus: Sustainability and Conservation

In a world where the demand for fishmeal, fish oil, and related products continues to surge among international and domestic buyers, it becomes imperative to meet this demand responsibly. The utilization of raw materials derived from ethically-sourced, sustainable fisheries is at the core of our commitment to safeguarding our oceans’ limited resources. Preserving marine ecosystems and ensuring the longevity of our marine ingredients are urgent priorities that demand our immediate attention.

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IMIA’s Inception and Membership

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Fostering Sustainability and Excellence in Marine Ingredients

At IMIA (Indian Marine Ingredients Association), our mission is to lead the way in promoting sustainable practices and excellence within the marine ingredients industry. By uniting exporters of fish meal and fish oil from India, we aim to collectively advance the industry’s growth, ensuring its long-term vitality while contributing significantly to our nation’s economic prosperity through foreign exchange earnings.

Leading the Industry Towards a Sustainable Future

Our vision is crystal clear: we aspire to be the driving force that propels the marine ingredients sector into a global model of sustainability and ethical excellence. We see a future where responsible sourcing, the conservation of marine resources, and the production of high-quality products are not just lofty ideals but the very cornerstone of our industry’s identity.

In our vision, we are pioneers, setting new standards that transcend mere benchmarks. We are committed to infusing our practices with the principles of responsible stewardship and ethical conduct. This commitment isn’t just an addendum to our mission; it is the guiding light that illuminates our path forward.

As we look ahead, we envision an industry that serves as a shining example to the world—a beacon of hope and change. Our journey is a fusion of relentless dedication and innovative thinking. We aim to make sustainability an achievable reality, demonstrating that it is not just an abstract concept but an integral part of our industry’s DNA.

Collaborative Advancement for Industry and Nation

IMIA’s fundamental goal is to bring together the diverse producers of fish meal and fish oil from India, uniting them with a common purpose. This purpose encompasses both the advancement and welfare of our industry, ensuring its viability and prosperity. Concurrently, we are committed to contributing substantially to our nation’s economic strength through increased foreign exchange earnings, thus fostering sustainable growth and stability.

IMIA certification is soon going to be mandatory for fish meal and fish oil throughout the world and also is in the domestic markets. IMIA has launched an FIP program for Indian oil sardine, Mackerel, Scat, Anchovy sea fish entire  coast of India as prelude to Marine Trust certification for it participating members

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